1.To be eligible Wauwatosa West Athletic Booster Club funding the following criteria has to be met:

  • Organization has to have at least a 25% Booster club membership. Please encourage your team families to join the Booster Club. 
  • Each sport or team shall, at all times, have a designated parent or guardian Sport Representative (”the Sports Rep") who is a current member. The responsibility of the Sports Rep is to ensure that, when needed, they can provide the Organization with volunteer parents and athletes from their sport to carry out the projects of the Organization. When possible, they should also attend membership meetings.
  • Each sport or team shall support the Athletic Booster Club's fundraising efforts and other membership activities.
  • Organization has not previously requested funds during the same school year.
  • Request is compatible with mission, bylaws and policies of the Wauwatosa West Athletic Booster Club, more specifically, shall be for the primary purpose of acquiring equipment and supplies to benefit the sports team(s) and the athletes.

2. Fill out and submit the Wauwatosa West Athletic Booster Club Fund Request Form 10 days prior to the upcoming monthly membership meeting.


  • PDF version (Funds Request Form). Print, fill out and submit to Christie Toye in the Athletic Office.

3. Submit any additional documentation (invoices, quotes, printed copies of catalog items you wish to purchase or information from websites) to support your request and submit to Christie Toye in the Athletic Office. The more details the better to help members get an accurate picture.


4. The Athletic Director will review the request and if approved will forward information to the Wauwatosa West Booster Club President for Executive Board review.


5. If approved by the Executive Board the request will be added to the agenda for the upcoming monthly membership meeting.

Just a few notes about the process.

  • Funds cannot be used for uniform purchases or travel (An exception to this policy may be granted upon the showing of good cause or exceptional circumstances by the requesting sport or Athletic Department).
  • A verbal presentation shall be made at a meeting by the coach, athletic director or the sports representative requesting the funds or subsidy during which the nature, purpose, amount and other details relating to the requisition shall be explained to the membership so that the membership shall have the opportunity to ask questions.
  • The vote on any requisition shall not take place when the individual submitting the request is present so as to allow for candid and open discussion regarding the requisition. The Athletic Director shall be exempt from this requirement.